The book reviews and books I am going to buy

I have bought two books about jquery from Amazon last year.

1. Learning jQuery: Better Interaction Design and Web Development with Simple JavaScript Techniques


2. jQuery Reference Guide: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Popular JavaScript Library

The first one is excellent. If you are a beginner like me and want to learn jquery, I highly recommend it. I have read three times the first 6 chapters and I am still reading and digesting the rest of the book slowly.

What I realized is that I need to know javascript. From chapter 7, you need to know javascript well. Not only the beginners level. That's why I am going to buy a couple of javascript books for learning it, and I will tell you in the second part what I am going to order.

I am disappointed about the second book a bit. If you need a reference on your desk, it may serve what it's supposed to do. But you can find more information from with examples. This website is an excellent resource for jquery.
The books does not give enough examples. You can find more in the above website or document.

Now after some research I decided to buy the following books for my learning jquery and javascript.

The first one is
JavaScript: The Good Parts

Douglas Crockford is a highly regarded javascript expert. You can find his talks in Yahoo! UI Library

In his talk, he recommended only one book which is least bad. That's the second one I am going to buy.
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

Some cretics comment about lack of examples in this book, but overall reviews are good.

The third one is
jQuery in Action

I am hoping to learn more about jquery from this book.
There will be another jquery book is coming out soon.
Beginning JavaScript and CSS Development with jQuery

jQuery UI 1.6: The User Interface Library for jQuery

And the author of Learning jQuery, Karl Swedberg is publishing another jquery book in May 2009.

Well I have to how much left in my wallet...

I used Amazon Associates for the above link. I can earn some Amazon gift card so that I can buy more books!

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