Officezilla: Projectmanagement and client management

I just played around with Officezilla and found it very useful.

I found some great things with this online app.

It's free and no limit on the number of users you can add.
You can create groups, users and projects. Then you assign users for certain projects. This means you can show a project or your work progress to your selected audience. Informing them about hours spent and other information.

Only this function is good enough for me to use. But there are plenty other functions you can use in this app.

Other functions are :
Every user has access to post and retrieve information.
Control access to all data through user levels.
Easy self-administration with help on every feature.
Reduce mailing costs by distributing documents and other information online.
Access important information from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
We use our own securely hosted equipment with more then 99% uptime reliability.
Any user can upload information and specify it as personal, without having to share the information.
Import and export information from Act, Outlook, or any other program that can generate or accept comma-delimited .CSV database files.

Try it out.

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